For anyone who has ever confronted a difficult decision in which none of the solutions seems like the right one, CROSSROADS will have a special resonance. Made at a time when the director was facing great uncertainty in his life, the film is an extended, often humorous, look at a man pulled in too many directions, in a world in which everything keeps changing and all roads seem to lead back to the beginning.


Exploration of father-son relations. In this minimalist drama in which two characters struggle for control of a rope in a constantly shifting landscape. Using simple figures and lines in a playful and highly sophisticated way, the film traces the various stages of development, conveying universal truths about how we deal with those closest to us.


A master. A servant. A frozen lake. Who will survive? Class war meets ice skating in this zany and graceful short by legendary German animator Raimund Krumme. Marked by the director’s deceptively simple drawings, fluid style, and mind-boggling use of space, PASSAGE looks at the absurdity of social roles and the slippery nature of reality.

Der Gefangenenchor (Choir of the Prisoners)

GEFANGENENCHOR Choir of the Prisoners
The film is based on a scene in Beethoven’s opera Fidelio. The inmates of the Seville prison are kept in dark cells without daylight. Now, for the first time after years, they are allowed to see the sun.
Light as a metaphor for freedom.

The Message

«He is back again» is the simple message, which is circulated in a town. We see the reaction of people confronted with this news. Their fears, their denial, some try to hide it and everyone has their own interpretation.

Zuschauer (Spectators)

The film shows spectators in a cinema. We see the different reactions of the crowd to a film. Our view is always directed towards the spectators, so we can only hear what happens in the film. More and more the crowd swings to the same rhythm, and turns into a mob, that does not leave any space for individual reaction.

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